Retirement Photo shoot

Our life is a journey which has got many phases from our to birth to death. We  celebrate certain moments and on other side regret a few. It is always said one should always enjoy life no matter what the situation is. Though it is not easy but still we try our best.

Few occasions comes just once in our lifes and we tend to remember them as special . Like 1st birthday, marriage, first child and one such occasion is retirement of a person.

After doing job for atleast 35 to 40 year a person gets retired and that day is very special in that person’s life. Retirement says its time to relax and live your life without any further tension. A time when you feel free of all the responsibilitie.

Auric moments covered one such event for a family. One can see the excitement the family had specially the person who got retired. He was full of life at the event, enjoying and dancing with family and colleagues. One can see in below picture.

Not only this see the style he has at this age.

Style Photograph of a person

Auric moments feel so lively to capture such wonderful clients on their special days. Few of the best event photographs are shown in this blog.

Rest can be seen in the video of the retirement function or retirement video

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