Veer Birthday Shoot

cake photo

Firstly we posted Pre Birthday Photos  of Veer and now we are here with Birthday photographs of him. This one year old Kid is really sweet and charming. His birthday was no less than a festival for his parents who were  super excited. 

A child is always special for his parents and their love for their child is eternal. Veer is a child who was born almost 18 years after his cousin and that makes his birthday more special for his family. Happiness can be clearly seen on his parents face. And I must say for parents of this generation its like an achievement completing one year of successful parenthood. 

This party had all dance, fun,cake and best photographer they needed. They were so thankful to Auric Moments for making their event photography successful. 

Highlight video is also present on you-tube.

Veer Birthday Highlight 



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